Blood Donation

Blood DonnerThere is no substitute of human blood, it can't be manufactured in a factory nor can animal blood be transfused to human beings. Therefore to provide safe quality blood, the blood donor service must have healthy, responsive and motivated voluntary blood donors to meet the country's need (2% of the population), aging between 16 to 60 years, weighing 50 KG or above and having no history of transfusion transmitted diseases, drug addiction or any major ailment in the recent past.

The blood volume in men and woman are 80ml/kg and 70ml/kg respectively of their body weights i.e. 5000 to 6000 ml of circulating blood. The volume in circulation required for routine work is 50ml/kg of body weight for both men and women. Excess blood possessed by men and women are 30ml/kg and 20ml/kg of their body weights. From the excess blood 7-8ml/kg i.e. around 350 to 450 ml can be safely donated without any side effects or weakness.